Annual Appeal

YOUR SUPPORT CAN make the difference! 

For the 2018-2019 school year, teachers and administration requested over $50K in funds from the PTA to help enrich our students’ educational experiences. In order for those experiences to come to fruition we need help from our parent community.

If every household donated just $62/per student for
the school year, we’d be able to fund ALL requests!

We understand donating money is not always easy or feasible. But, we ask that you consider investing in your child’s education.

Here’s a helpful tip - if you skip buying 1 cup a coffee every week, for the year, you’d save $132! Now that’s way more than the $62 needed to enhance your child’s academic life!

now accepting CREDIT CARDS
& PayPal for your convenience!

If you’re feeling generous, please consider donating on behalf of those that are currently unable to provide.

We thank you in advance for your generosity and consideration!


what does annual appeal fund?

  • Physics equipment, geometry expeditions

  • PBATs, intensives, academic celebrations

  • College Tours, College March, Job Fair

  • instrument repairs, team uniforms

  • Camping

And much more!