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pta funding request

When requesting funds from the PTA, one MUST fill out the PTA Funding Request Form. This is the ONLY accepted method to request funds. Requests must be submitted at least 2 months before event date, to provide ample time for board/general membership to vote on request.

RequesT Payment

If your funding request was officially approved by the PTA, and you now seek payment, please fill out the appropriate request form.

Check Request Form
Reimbursement Request Form

Once you have filled out the appropriate form please return the form, along with all original receipts, to the BCS PTA mailbox in room 410 (right-hand bottom shelf). Documentation should be clearly addressed “BCS PTA.” Be sure to submit your documentation within 30 days of purchase in order to receive reimbursement/payment; requests submitted after 30 days will not be considered for reimbursement.

Please note: Receipts should ONLY include items specifically purchased for event. (Ex: If you go to the supermarket to buy items for a cooking intensive, we should not see your personal groceries on receipt scratched off).

If there are any questions, please contact bcsptatreasurer@gmail.com for further assistance.



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