In the 2017 - 2018 school year, the PTA funded over $31,000 to support and enhance our students' academic success. From sponsoring Habits of Scholarship celebrations, to funding college campus visits and model job fairs. We invite you to take a closer look at some of the programs the PTA sponsored last year and their results.

Modeling Mechanics in Physics: 
In brief, the modeling technique uses paradigm labs at the
beginning of every unit to allow students to discover the major concepts of mechanics, with each concept building on the previous one. This is a dramatic change from having students read the mechanics formulas and trying to apply them to physical models. In the workshop, equipment from the science education company Vernier was purchased and utilized. The new curriculum has already increased the amount of math that students are doing in science class. By using the equipment, students were able to gather authentic data, and learn how to use technology to analyze it. Analyzing data is a component of the high school Science PBAT, and has been a section that our students struggled with in the past. The equipment and software are giving our students an advantage in data analysis through technology, and are already beginning to produce higher levels of data analysis.

LatinX Project: Academic and Community Focus
Students explored Spanish as a second language by
becoming magazine writers and TV spokespeople. They developed critical thinking skills by grappling with authentic texts and exercised language acquisition skills. Their high quality interactive writings and performances were shared within our school, and can now produce further dialogue for our school/local community. Students also gained awareness of Latinx cultures and learned about intersectionalities between systematic oppression and current political trends. Students developed their leadership skills as they aided in bringing awareness to current events and social justice issues.