Board Nominations

What Kind of school do you want BCS to Be? 

In every year of BCS history, parents have served on the PTA Board. The PTA board is an essential part of our school. We, the 2018-2019 PTA board members are so proud to have served! We got a lot done! Now it’s YOUR turn - please consider nominating* yourself, or a parent you respect, to serve on the board. Supporting and serving on the PTA is about your choices for the kind of school you want BCS to be. The PTA needs 8-10 parents to come forward to create a board that represents parents, stands up for students, and supports the teachers and administrators at BCS.
(*Learn more about board member responsibilities)

What happens if no one comes forward?

Without a PTA board in place:
- we as parents have no voice with the administration.
- there is no one to elect a School Leadership Team. Without a School Leadership Team, we cannot receive our much-needed Title 1 funding.
- teachers will not receive much-needed funds, including support for ETs, classroom science equipment and materials, art and learning supplies, camping trips, extracurricular senior programming, college tours and more.  

what will you do when you serve?

2018-2019 PTA Milestones

  • Created a 501c3 to become a nationally recognized foundation -- 
    which will allow for grant opportunities, company matching donations, and tax benefits.

  • Secured funds from City Councilman Brad Lander’s office that led to the installation of BCS water coolers -- a years-long priority among parents.

  • Collaborated with administration to find solutions to our 6th/9th grade camping deficit crisis in order to save BCS's time-honored rite of passage.

  • Created the framework for a successful, replicable benefit gala that raised an unprecedented $10,000.

  • Nurtured relationship with our sister school BNS and increased attendance/participation at shared events like Applefest.

  • Grew as a collective parent body. 

  • Solicited community donations at rates never before seen.

  • Created financially successful Back to School, Curriculum Night, and Election Day bake sales.

  • Implemented Annual Appeal campaign to sustain our students' educational experience.

  • Improved donation payment methods- PayPal/Square introduced for added convenience.

  • Launched brand new resource website.

  • Improved parent communications via new technology and social media outlets.


we are seeking nominations for:

  • Co-Presidents

  • Co-Treasurers

  • Co-Secretaries

  • Members-at-Large